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Our view on "Reflection of the impact of COVID-19 on digital market demands"

Cloud services are more in demand than ever. Video conferencing and remote collaboration are at the pinnacle of use more than ever as managers strive to maintain themselves and the productive workforce. Also, companies have a new assessment of cloud scalability and sustainability. The tech industry has helped people and companies stay connected, and in many cases, stay in business. The decisions companies make today can help them recover from the effects of COVID-19. Technology companies have the opportunity to come out stronger, more resilient and more innovative. And because technology has changed the way every industry works, the decisions that tech developers make today can help companies in every industry recover and also thrive. We are already seeing countless ways in which technology has grown to help people and industries survive various catastrophic situations. Jobs are surviving thanks to work away from home. The human connection continues thanks to video chat. Physicians and health professionals can continue their work virtually (and safely) some of the essential services. Even personal trainers are able to keep their clients healthy and active thanks to the technology sector. Other areas that would see an impact include e-learning, online education and e-government. As shoppers begin to isolate themselves and avoid crowded areas, the clear winner is the e-commerce sector, with digital payments taking over much faster than physical payment options. The main reason for the growth of the economy for this industry is the increased demand for software and social media platforms such as Google Hangouts, Video Call WhatsApp, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. The economy will also thrive because, during these crises, people realized the importance of the internet and technology as this is helping us stay safe and help communicate between doctors and the public. In the world war on coronavirus (COVID-19), technology has a major task for the effective implementation of preventive measures and new generation technologies are at the forefront of governments as the biggest supporter. Intelligent and useful solutions are being developed every day more and more to reduce the rate of epidemic spread and make the world safer than it was a few months ago. Various countries around the world are trying to tackle the pandemic by developing their digital infrastructure and engineering capabilities and mitigating the spread of COVID-19 with community-led communication technology. Although the virus can spread quickly, information and hope spread faster thanks to our technology-enabled world. Given these facts, each of us will necessarily have to open up to learning new technologies, adapt to the new lifestyle, be ready and open to innovation and trend, and try to develop the company of its in digital format, necessarily. Edda Shkurti

Success stories continue!

Albin (22 years old), Asllan (21 years old) and Gent (16 years old) are the three candidates of the last series of trainings who have started their careers as Programmers in our partner companies for several months now. New programmers are offered the opportunity to engage as Web developers (frontend and backend) in which new Javascript technologies are used such as: Angular, Vue, and React as well as those of the backend: PHP / Laravel and Node.js. In the current training series, we are offering the opportunity to attend web development trainings. After the training, successful candidates are offered some practical job opportunities in partner companies!

Meet our newest programmers

Ylveha, Dionis, Nida, and Sazan are the 4 candidates of the last programming training series, who have started their careers in the software companies AlbiSmart and ASTech respectively. These Young programmers are offered the job in good work environments in which new Javascript technologies are used such as: Angular, Vue, and React as well as backend languages: PHP / Laravel and Node.js. In the next series, you have the opportunity to attend the trainings for application development on Android and Web Backend After the training, the candidates are offered some practical opportunities on our partner companies!

"Youth, Employment and Skills" - Fair

Yesterday we participated in the job fair organized as part of the program "Youth, Employment and Skills" - GIZ. In this fair, we revealed the possibility of hiring one (1) administrative assistant for 20-25 hours of work per week. Numerous visitors of the fair stopped to get acquainted with our activities, the nature of the work, and the possibility of activating in the community through Makerspace Prizren. Nominated candidates will be contacted in the coming days!

Two Success Stories!

We are happy to present two success stories, of Senad and Ibrahim, who have attended the trainings in our center, and thanks to the knowledge they have gained there, are now engaged in one of the most innovative startups in Kosovo. Senad Salihu: "In the training of" Web Development Basics and Beyond the Basics "In Makerspace, I took the basic steps of Web programming in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Through continuing professional development assisted by the Makerspace community, in a co-working space, we learned other important concepts through a real project developed there. I have now started the internship in the start-up business "Platforma Akademia" in Prishtina. This journey would not have been possible without the help of Makerspace Prizren " Ibrahim Gërbiqi: "Since the beginning of the training in Web Development, I have noticed that the training curriculum has been very well organized and we have had practical work opportunities beyond the training hours. In addition to lessons in Front-End, we managed to deepen our knowledge of Vue.js and other important concepts in programming. The community assistance in co-working and practical work enabled me today to be active in practice in the company "Platforma Akademia" thanks to the help of the Makerspace Prizren team."

Cooperation agreement

After a few discussions and drafting of the final agreement, today we have reached an important milestone by signing a cooperation agreement with Municipality of Prizren – represented by mayor...

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