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"Web Programming" - Workshop

Today we had the honor to develop a workshop in collaboration with the gymnasium "Gjon Buzuku"!

"Celebrating Flag Day of Albania"

We marked this year's celebration with a super activity in cooperation with the students of "Gjon Buzuku" Gymnasium!

Activities in honor of the "Youth Week"

Together with youth organizations and the municipality of Prizren, we organized several activities in honor of "Youth Week".

"Start-up Competition"

Fantastic weekend at the first "Start-up Competition" in Prizren!

"Success Stories: Gazza Group"

Our next story a belief of an idea, and perseverance until success!

"Success Stories: Drilon Kastrati"

Today we started the series of meetings with successful people.

"SEO & Traffic Sources" - Workshop

In today's competitive market, marketing through SEO is more important than ever!

"Work as Freelancer" - Workshop

Another modern field workshop that had quite a lot of interest.

"Preparation for the labor market" - Workshop

We had the pleasure of hosting the workshop organized by the NGO THY which is supported by Erasmus +.

"Web scraping" - Workshop

Learn different methods of collecting a large or a specific amount of data from different websites in Makerspace workshops!

"Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age" - Workshop

Today in the premises of Makerspace was held a workshop on one of the most well-known topics these days!

"Let's digitize Makerspace" - Makeathon

In a very inspiring environment and with very dedicated girls and boys, we managed to successfully realize our first Makeathon!

"3D Modeling and Printing" - Workshop

Another modern day field workshop that had quite a lot of interest.

"Ways to monetize websites" - Workshop

Today was held the first workshop in our center. We thank you all for making this day unforgettable!

"Celebrating Independence Day of Kosovo"

Double celebration in our center! The creation of the innovation community in our city officially began.

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