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What we do

Makerspace Innovation Center Prizren tends to conduct the importance of self-esteem, inspire people make and not consume, help to better think on digital solutions to make the life around easier and better, produce creative ideas on making prototypes, etc.

Our Mission

By continuously developing curricula, we aim to improve the education quality and contribute to build a generation of innovators with positive attitude.

Our Vision

Makerspace is built primarily to provide a learning experience that will impact the lives of our students. We believe that everyone has the right to be comfortable with who he / she is and to be able to express his / her potential freely. As human beings we are constantly looking to develop ourselves, and through Makerspace we aim to provide an experience that will create a sense of 'I can' in our students


Enis Qafëleshi

CEO & Managing Partner

Arber Kryeziu

Co-founder, Partner and Instructor

Arsim Severi

Instructor & Team Member

Artan Xhaha

Instructor & Team Member

Jeton Pashtriku

Start-up Consulting & Team Member

Ylli Gashi

Instructor & Team Member

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