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Posted: 01 Jan, 2020 14:35

Cooperation agreement of Makerspace IC Prizren and Municipality of Prizren on various fields!

After a few discussions and drafting of the final agreement, today we have reached an important milestone by signing a cooperation agreement with Municipality of Prizren – represented by mayor Mr. Mytaher Haskuka.

The agreement includes various fields of cooperation especially on fields of Developing the digital agenda of Municipality of Prizren (internal and external services), involvement of Municipality of Prizren on activities that directly affect the employment of youth in the field of ICT, including supporting start-up businesses, implementing of E-centre ( general wide service e-government platform), cooperating on establishing the entrepreneurship and training centre on Innovation and Training Park (ITP) in Prizren, etc.

With a mid-term cooperation agreement and opportunity of renewal, we have agreed that Municipality of Prizren will be a strong partner on implementing the projects of special interest as vocational training and employment which are directly related to local and foreign investments in Prizren.

We would like to thank mayor, prof.Dr. Mytaher Haskuka and his staff for his wide attitude and will to support this agreement.

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Ylveha, Dionis, Nida, and Sazan are the 4 candidates of the last programming training series, who have started their careers in the software companies AlbiSmart and ASTech respectively.

These Young programmers are offered the job in good work environments in which new Javascript technologies are used such as: Angular, Vue, and React as well as backend languages: PHP / Laravel and Node.js.

In the next series, you have the opportunity to attend the trainings for application development on Android and Web Backend

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"Youth, Employment and Skills" - Fair

Yesterday we participated in the job fair organized as part of the program "Youth, Employment and Skills" - GIZ.

In this fair, we revealed the possibility of hiring one administrative assistant for 20-25 hours of work per week.

Numerous visitors of the fair stopped to get acquainted with our activities, the nature of the work, and the possibility of activating in the community through Makerspace Prizren.

Nominated candidates will be contacted in the coming days!

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