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Posted: 17 Mar 2018, 19:47

"Let's digitize Makerspace" - Makeathon

In a very inspiring environment and with very dedicated girls and boys, we managed to successfully realize the first Makeathon entitled: "Let's digitize Makerspace".

In this Makeathon we realized three projects with three working groups of participants according to their desire for contribution. The realized projects are:

- Machine for purchasing packaged food products, made with CNC, 3D printers, microcomputers, etc.

- Integration of temperature sensor data in real time on the web, realized with temperature sensor, Omega microcomputer, SQL database, etc.

- Android app for Makerspace with the latest news, subscription capability and information received from the temperature sensor.

All projects are published on GitHub in the hope that they will continue to serve the community.

We thank all 30 participants who made this activity a success.

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"Start-up Competition"

Fantastic weekend at the first "Start-up Competition" in Prizren!

For two days in a row 12 different final ideas from about 20 participants were treated and turned into business models to be presented at the end before the professional evaluation jury which determined the winners of the grand prizes with 2000 € and 4000 €.

The winners were chosen:
- Agnesa Gashi - Individual project, 2000 €
- Endrit Gërmizaj, Sazan Krasniqi and Ibrahim Gërbiqi - Joint project 4000 €.

This unique opportunity for the youth of Prizren will continue to be organized in the future, while we encourage you all to follow us in the next activities!

Thank you very much for the cooperation of the organization Help Kosovo and the Municipality of Prizren for supporting the first edition of the "Start-up Competition"

"Success Stories: Gazza Group"

Next success story: GaZza Group;

Today we were introduced to the next success story of the company Gazza Group that operates with two points of sale in Prizren. The founder, Mr. Halid Jonuzi informed us about the journey of Gazza Group, the belief in his idea, and the persistence until success.

Also, in addition to success stories, MSc. cand. Education Severi and MSc. Vllaznim H. Bytyqi introduced us to the successful financial management of commercial enterprises through software.

Soon we continue with other activities.

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