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Posted: 23 Mar 2019, 14:01

"Start-up Competition"

Fantastic weekend at the first "Start-up Competition" in Prizren!

For two days in a row 12 different final ideas from about 20 participants were treated and turned into business models to be presented at the end before the professional evaluation jury which determined the winners of the grand prizes with 2000 € and 4000 €.

The winners were chosen:
- Agnesa Gashi - Individual project, 2000 €
- Endrit Gërmizaj, Sazan Krasniqi and Ibrahim Gërbiqi - Joint project 4000 €.

This unique opportunity for the youth of Prizren will continue to be organized in the future, while we encourage you all to follow us in the next activities!

Thank you very much for the cooperation of the organization Help Kosovo and the Municipality of Prizren for supporting the first edition of the "Start-up Competition"

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"Web Programming" - Workshop

Today in the premises of Makerspace we had the honor to develop a workshop in collaboration with the gymnasium "Gjon Buzuku"

In this workshop participated the students of the technicians club with whom we developed "Web Programming". Participants had the opportunity to learn about this topic through the seminar held by trainer Enis Qafeleshi who is one of the co-founders of Makerspace and a software engineer.

We thank the leadership of the gymnasium and all the participants.

"Celebrating Flag Day of Albania"

We marked this year's holiday with a super activity in cooperation with the students of "Gjon Buzuku" Gymnasium!

In the workshop held at Makerspace IC Prizren, we conducted two separate activities:
"Digitization of accurate Albanian historical writings and publication on Wikipedia", and "Modeling and engraving of Albanian historical images through the CNC machine".

This workshop was attended by 20 students of the career club and the technical club. We thank everyone for their participation, especially "Gjon Buzuku" Gymnasium for their support!

This activity was part of the program of activities for November 28, organized by DKRS - Municipality of Prizren.

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